Generator Installation

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If you live in the Gulf Coast Region, you already know how valuable a standby source of power is, especially during a heavy storm or hurricane. An authorized and select dealer for Generac Power Systems, B Powered Electric, can ensure your home or business has reliable energy, and that your computer and security systems remain operational.

At B Powered Electric, we have 40 years experience delivering and installing generators for our residential and commercial customers. Our professional, licensed electricians can help you decide which model generator is best for your home or business and install it properly. Call us today and let us help you weather the storm.

Home Generators

The most important thing to consider when installing a generator in the home is SAFETY. When small, portable electric generators are not installed or used properly, they can threaten the safety of your home and family.

Let B Powered Electric deliver and install a generator that provides back-up power for your entire home or portable power where and when you need it most:


Generators For Your Business

If the power goes out, so do your business’ telephones, computers, cash registers and other critical systems equipment. A power failure can mean a loss of productive time, revenue and even customers. Let B Powered Electric ensure that your data is protected as well as all the systems critical to your business operation.

We install standby generators as well as provide repair and maintenance to your existing generator.

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