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At B Powered Electric, we understand the critical importance of reliable electrical systems for safety and efficiency. As the need for skilled electrical contractors grows in the vibrant city of New Orleans, our team of licensed electricians is ready to meet the challenge. We offer a wide range of electrical services in New Orleans, from installations and repairs to upgrades and maintenance. Explore the essential services our expert electricians provide, crucial for keeping both homes and businesses in New Orleans powered and secure.

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Your Go-To Electrician in New Orleans

B Powered Electric is your go-to electrician near New Orleans, renowned for delivering high-quality work by qualified, licensed, and insured professionals. From the initial design to the final touches, our experienced technicians ensure that your electrical projects are completed on time, within budget, and to code.
Now in its third generation, B Powered Electric brings 40 years of comprehensive experience in the electrical industry, with particular expertise in generator installation and maintenance. We handle all types of projects—big or small, residential or commercial, from installation to repair. With just one call, we meet all your electrical needs, providing top-notch service to every homeowner and business.

Electrical Installation Services

Installing an electrical system requires meticulous planning and precise execution. Our approach starts with a detailed assessment of power needs, followed by the selection of suitable cables and fixtures, and careful system wiring. Our New Orleans electricians pay close attention to every detail to mitigate hazards and maximize efficiency. They skillfully connect switches, outlets, and light fixtures to the central electrical panel, including circuit breakers, to distribute power safely throughout the system. For enhanced safety, we implement grounding procedures and integrate protective devices like surge protectors and circuit interrupters. These measures help prevent overloads and electrical fires, ensuring that our installations meet all safety codes and regulations.

Electric Emergency Repair Services in New Orleans

When electrical emergencies strike, our rapid-response team is ready to provide immediate assistance. We handle power outages, faulty wiring, electrical fires, and damage from severe weather with seasoned expertise, quickly addressing and resolving these critical situations. Whether it’s restoring power after a blackout or fixing hazardous wiring, our emergency repair services focus on swift resolutions to ensure your peace of mind.

Our team responds promptly to power outages caused by severe weather or grid issues, efficiently diagnosing and solving problems to restore electricity quickly. We also address faulty wiring—a significant safety risk—with urgency, ensuring that our highly trained electricians mitigate any dangers and secure your property. In cases of electrical fires or weather-related damage, we are equipped to manage fire control, conduct repairs, and bring electrical systems back to full functionality.

In conclusion, our emergency repair services play a vital role in managing a broad spectrum of electrical emergencies. We provide effective, timely solutions that enhance the safety and security of both residential and commercial properties. Given the effectiveness and reliability of our services, many of our satisfied clients would highly recommend our team to anyone facing electrical challenges.

The Quality of Our Electrical Repair Services

At B Power Electric, we recognize how crucial it is to hire professional electricians who are not only technically skilled but also exemplify a set of standout qualities. Our electricians are licensed and certified, adhering strictly to the highest industry standards, with a steadfast focus on customer health and safety. They are seasoned professionals who possess the in-depth knowledge and training required to provide safe and efficient electrical services.

Our licensed electricians at Keefe’s benefit from a rigorous training program that blends practical experience with theoretical education. This thorough training ensures they are competent, giving our customers confidence in the safety and quality of our electrical work.

The experienced and skilled electricians at B Power Electric bring extensive knowledge and training to each project, allowing for efficient problem-solving and customized solutions. Their ongoing education helps them keep pace with the latest technological advancements and safety protocols, ensuring they deliver the best service possible.


Whether you own or manage a hotel, casino, restaurant, office building or retail space, B Powered Electric offers all of our commercial customers, large and small, the same quality and value.


B Powered Electric built its 40 year reputation on its top-rated residential service. Whether you have a renovation project or you are building your first home, we are here to help.

Generator Installation

A power failure can mean a loss of productive time, revenue and even customers. Let B Powered Electric ensure that your data is protected as well as all the systems critical to your business operation.

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Most Common Questions:

In Louisiana, homeowners are allowed to perform their own electrical work on their primary residence without a license. However, for safety and compliance with local building codes, it’s recommended that significant installations, repairs, or alterations be carried out by a licensed professional. B Powered Electric provides quality work and ensures that all electrical jobs, especially those involving new construction or major renovations in your New Orleans home, are completed safely and to code.

Unlicensed individuals in Louisiana can perform minor electrical tasks such as replacing outlets, switches, and light fixtures. For more complex projects involving wiring additions, new constructions, or any tasks related to the main electrical service panel, it’s crucial to hire a licensed electrician from B Powered Electric. Our team services New Orleans and the surrounding area, offering free estimates and ensuring customer satisfaction.

The most common type of electrician is a residential electrician. B Powered Electric’s residential electricians specialize in installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical systems within homes across New Orleans, handling everything from panel upgrades to full electrical system installations.

It is recommended that your home’s electrical system be inspected every three to five years by a licensed electrician. If your home is older, has undergone major renovations, or you’ve installed significant new appliances, more frequent inspections might be necessary. Regular inspections help maintain electrical safety and can save money by preventing major repairs in the future.

If you notice flickering lights or your circuit breaker trips frequently, it’s important to contact us immediately. These symptoms can indicate an overloaded circuit or faulty wiring, which are potential fire hazards. Our licensed electricians will promptly diagnose and resolve such issues, ensuring your home remains safe. For urgent electrical repair needs in New Orleans, do not hesitate to give us a call.